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A Conversation with ... Joe Barksdale on Going from Gridiron to Guitar

Updated: Apr 13

Joe Barksdale has an interesting predicament when it comes to playing the guitar.

While a guitar looks like a natural accoutrement when slung across the chest of most people, Barksdale's 6-foot-5, 320-pound frame makes one look almost like an overgrown ukulele.

To fret barre chords, he had to figure out how to curl his right thumb around the top of the neck to mute the high E string. He had to concentrate harder than regularly sized humans to properly pluck the correct strings with his massive right hand.

But none of that deterred the Los Angeles Chargers offensive lineman from learning how to play.

To Barksdale, who owns multiple guitars and has another tattooed on his arm, the guitar is a passion that he pursues just as much as he wants to protect his quarterback. - Read Article


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