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Joe Barksdale

Joe Barksdale Live

If you like live music, you'll LOVE this. Check out my live show from Orb Studios here in Austin, TX. 


Ex-NFL Star Joe Barksdale Gets Sincere

“My music is an open letter to everybody,” he explained in-person last Saturday moments before a virtually live performance. “My art is my way of processing everything: trauma, joy, pain, loss, gain. That’s why I named it Sincerely.”

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My name is Joe and I enjoy making music and performing live. This site gives you an opportunity to get to know me better, purchase merchandise, listen to (and find new music), and connect with me! 

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Music that's 

out of this world

"I'm finally comfortable with people not understanding my vision. I'm trying to do something that's never been done before - blending and bending genres and breaking the rules... This is going to be fun! I hope you enjoy the ride." - Joe Barksdale

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MAY 2021

Your crystal is calling... 


AUG 2020

These albums are all done in house. I self produced them and play all the instruments on the tracks and so forth.


SEPT 2020

 I named the album “Sincerely” because I always see my music as a way to communicate and be honest and open with people.



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